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If you want to capture a classic look, you need the gear to match the genre. Nothing completes the style quite like the 55SH Series II, a microphone that has been gripped by legends for decades. Others may imitate, but none can duplicate the form and function standards Shure has held from our .

What types of vintage Shure microphone are available? Here are a few of the most common vintage Shure microphones available right now: Shure Model 55 Unidyne Microphone: Introduced in 1939, this dynamic, single-element cardioid mic reduces the audio picked up from behind the mic. The Model 55 has a frequency response of 40 to 15,000 Hz.

Year Type Size Model numbers 1933 Catalog 4.0MB 5N, 11N, 22N.

Shure 55 Microphone was produced starting in 1939 and continues to be produced today. Trending. Along with microphones Shure released a bunch of accessories for the 555 microphone line. Here is a link to the Vintage Shure Catalogs from 1933-1984.