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We're classic car enthusiasts too! Not all cars are created (or maintained) equally. That's why the Vintage Auto Insurance Program is specifically geared toward Antique, Classic, Hot Rod and Custom vehicles 20 years of age or older.

Minimum Driver and Vehicle Qualifications for Hagerty Insurance. In order to qualify for our Agreed Value classic car insurance, you and your vehicle must meet the following minimum requirements: Driver Eligibility: We are not able to offer coverage to drivers with a serious infraction within the last three years. Serious infractions include.

Zehr Vintage CARS client since June 2011. About a year ago, I was planning to insure an antique car that was coming to me from the U.S. Unfortunately, it took the whole year to arrive and during that time, Dave at Zehr Insurance patiently stood by at the ready to service my need for coverage.

Does my car qualify for classic insurance? Answer: First, your auto and its usage must satisfy the requirements set out in the next answer below. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Ontario Region, notes that Classic Car Insurance is called different things by different people – including terms like Antique Auto Insurance, Vintage Car.