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Find Teen Pen Pals Your number 1 Pen Pal Website on Tumblr I am barely 5ft tall! I am not on here for nudes or any sexual conduct! I am on here strictly to make friends and help people in any way that I can! I do know a few words in Spanish! I guess one could say, I am emo! I am a girl by the way!!! I will accept you for who you are and I.

Feb 18, 2016 · Wattpad is a great cyber pen pal website. It is not officially meant for finding pen pals, but still it is a wonderful place to get one. I found one from the website long time ago and since then we have kept contact and really exchanged a lot. So if you an aspiring writer or say author, Wattpad is an ideal site to find literally pen pals. 3.Author: Diana White.

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Penpal. Hi, I’ve wanted a pen pal for a while so I hope this is a success! I’m Harley, 16 from the UK. I enjoy a wide range of things from reading, movies, music (mostly pop but let’s be honest if it’s a good song who can deny it (looking at you country music)), social .