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The song was written when Wayne County's band were still known as The Backstreet Boys. AllMusic describes the lyrics as County's way of "chastising those who won't take [him] home". Originally titled "(If You Don't Want to Fuck Me, Baby) Fuck Off", the song was planned to Label: Sweet FA.

Fuck Off were one of the first Spanish thrash metal bands to release an LP, and one of the most influential along with Legion.Fuck Off was their original name but they attempted to change it to Destroy in 1988 after releasing their first single, finally taking back the original name.

"Le Freak" is a song by American R&B band Chic. It was the band's third single and first Billboard Hot 100 and R&B number-one song. Along with the tracks "I Want Your Love" and "Chic Cheer", "Le Freak" scored number one on the disco charts for seven weeks.The single achieved sales of 7 million and also scored number seven in the UK Singles Chart. Genre: Disco, funk.

Jun 03, 2016 · Fuck Off Lyrics: Hey Yo! / This one is dedicated to all the little kids out there / Whose parents are always riding them / Telling them to 'do your homework' / Never letting you eat dessert.