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Feb 06, 2012 · Nudist Camp Spankings. Regardless of what the title to this story says, we hate the label “nudists”. The new term is “naturists”. He even spanked parts of me that he had never bothered with before. Also, he kept me “present” for this spanking by pausing often to ask me questions about why I was being punished. Because my.

Description: Casey's boyfriend comes home from his lunch hour to find Casey has been drinking already and that she's. The house is a mess and she hasn't done ANY job searching. He's fed up and going to take care of things--the old fashioned way. He pulls back the covers to reveal a completely naked Casey.

New MMSA story: 'Spanked at a Nudist Camp' by Crimsonhide. My family were casual social nudists. Mom and Dad didn’t go around naked at home.

I stood in the corner while she spanked the three boys with her open hand and then she took the four of us to the bathroom and gave us each a bath. The spanking was embarrassing and hurt, but being given a bath like a little boy was really embarrassing. After the bath she explained that we had been spanked for not doing what we were told.