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Rope Knots. This selection of over 100 of the best rope knots is for use by boaters, paddlers, scouts, search and rescue, arborists, climbers and all outdoor pursuits. It includes a large range of camping knots and essential utility knots.

Hitches. Hitches are knots used to tie a rope to an object or to another rope. Mouse over the knot name below to see a description of that knot. Hitches are essential knots for climbers, arborists, sailors and anyone needing to tie a rope to something!

Rope bondage is really simple to learn, provided that you start in the right place. The single column tie is the first rope bondage tie you should learn. Bulky knots dig in and catch on things. I have never seen this knot collapse. Which is really important.

Rope Bondage guide for BDSM Lifestyle play or slave training. Bondage is about taking control if you are a dominant and losing control or letting go of control if you are a submissive (slave). Bondage can be an important part of slave training or BDSM scene play. I t can .