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Goat Pee/Acrysol goat pee race tire treatment

Find Tire Treatments and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Tire Treatment, Hot Lap Victory Lane Tire Softener, 1 Gallon, Each Not Yet Reviewed. Part DRAG RACE TIRE TREATMENT Not Yet Reviewed. Part Number: JRC-285.

lar preps such as “Goat Pee” and “Wintergreen.” Weekly Procedure - Once all the surface work, such as cutting, sanding, and needling the tire is complete, Mafi a .

Tire Preps (often, the shop produced generics have very similar names) Acrysol: Light Softener in which all comes back out of the tire. Works good to harden the tire with repeated use in the sunlight. Used on dirt and pavement. Works great with all others as a carrier. Drops tires only a few points. Acrysol is a great adhesion type prep.

No matter what you are racing. Stock cars,Sprint cars,Mini Sprints,Go Karts,Truck pulling or RC cars Goat pee is the place to start for more grip. This is the purest form, not watered down with mineral spirits or WD-40.This prep works best when you need more bite. If .