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Our firm shares an intense commitment to find justice for victims of birth injury. Kernicterus is 100% preventable. For families who must deal with this injury, we are your steadfast advocates. For future parents, we believe the answer to ending kernicterus in adults and children rests with prevention.

Opisthotonus is more pronounced in infants. Opisthotonus in the neonate may be a symptom of meningitis, tetanus, severe kernicterus, or the rare Maple syrup urine disease. This marked extensor tone can cause infants to "rear backwards" and stiffen out Specialty: Neurology.

Once kernicterus has advanced in your baby to a certain extent, it may be impossible to reverse the damage that it has caused. Some children require lifelong around-the-clock care for the damage caused by kernicterus that could have been prevented entirely with proper testing and treatment.4.4/5(18).

Treatment for kernicterus involves using an exchange transfusion as used in the treatment of Phototherapy alone can not prevent the rise in the serum level of bilirubin in adolescent or adult patients with CN type I, therefore such patients tend to experience life-threatening bilirubin encephalopathy. Children who develop kernicterus as.