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Why Can't We Expand Access To Transportation For Older Adults? older adults transportation system

OATS Transit operates in 87 missouri counties providing transportation for all ages. We work to enhance quality of life by providing safe, caring & reliable transportation services.

Accessible transportation services are critical for enabling older adults to live independently. The vast majority of older adults – nearly 90%, according to AARP – choose to age in place in their homes and communities. Successful community living requires access to medical and other essential services.

Find Your Transportation Options on the Map! Human Services Transportation Find information on Fastran Services, Taxi Voucher Program, Travel Training, Mobility Management, and other transportation resources for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations. 703-222-9764, TTY 703-3247079.

Discusses practical implications of incorporating the recommended design principles for both older adults and other transport system users; Provides useful background about normal age-related changes in sensory, cognitive, and physical abilities that impact older .