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Nov 17, 2016 · Adult retail sales is tough enough without having concerns over general liability, workers' comp, and property insurance making things more complicated. We offer insurance solutions to the adult industry that are designed with your requirements and needs in mind.Author: Robert Weinstein.

Adult-Clothing-Store-Business-Insurance. Our Company. Small Business Liability is a liability insurance agency committed to providing the best coverage to contractors, freelancers, and small businesses throughout the United States.Author: Robinson Ocando.

Adult Clothing business insurance. Owning a clothing store specific to adults is a risky business. Since most owners do not manufacture the products they sell they are required put their trust in the products of other companies.Author: Robinson Ocando.

Adult Novelty Insurance. Also known as adult novelty liability, it is a specialized product liability insurance service offered to the manufacturers, wholesalers and/or retailers of specialty adult products. It is designed to cover the holders of adult novelty insurance policies against possible legal action resulting in the failure of their 4.8/5(115).