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Located: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Harry/Ginny: A little alone time for Harry and Ginny during their 7/8th years at Hogwarts. Post war. "While you were having your lie in, I told Mum you weren't feeling well and wanted to stay home. Hermione's covering for us - we went off together alone.

This community is for those who love the pairing of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. I know that many of us by default are RHr shippers, but every so often, I find a fic that doesn't have the RHr ship that I .

Home Community Books Harry Potter The Best of Harry and Ginny. The Best of Harry and Ginny. Follow. Focus: Books Harry Potter Ginny, and Harry to her house for the weekend to attend a Muggle Carnival, surprises occur. How will four teens forced to deal with adult problems handle suddenly being allowed to act like kids? Harry Potter - Rated.