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The FDA has concluded from its own assessment that the safety risk is low and within acceptable levels, but they do caution the use of melamine dishes. There appears to be more risk when it comes to infants and children, who are more susceptible than adults to even the most minute chemical residue.

Jun 13, 2017 · Health Effects While melamine is not considered very toxic for adults, it can combine with other chemical compounds to cause kidney stones and renal failure in small animals and infants. Additionally, most melamine resin dinnerware contains small amounts of formaldehyde, a potent carcinogen, although the general scientific consensus is.

Oct 29, 2008 · Melamine effects on the body, or what does Melamine do? October 29, 2008 By admin Leave a Comment. What does melamine do in the body? is their primary food source and they therefore consume more melamine per unit of body weight than older children and adults who consume a variety of foods.

Melamine has also been shown to have carcinogenic effects in animals in certain circumstances, but there is insufficient evidence to make a judgment on carcinogenic risk in humans. What are the symptoms and signs of melamine poisoning? Irritability, blood in urine, little or no urine, signs of kidney infection, high blood pressure.