Lesson 44: Paul the Missionary - adults lessons on pauls missionary trips


Paul's Third Missionary Trip lesson adults lessons on pauls missionary trips

Paul's Third Missionary Trip is an interesting journey, like his other two trips he got into a fair bit of trouble, but he covered a lot of ground, making this a great geography lesson.

Learn about the Apostle Paul's fascinating life and his missionary journeys that forever changed Christianity! The Apostle Paul His Life and Missionary Journeys. Questions? - Our Newsletter. Paul's Missionary Journeys Maps. Travels after Paul's conversion. Map of all cities Paul visited.

Ask the children what they remember about Paul from previous lessons. (Remind them that his name was changed from Saul.) Remind the children that Paul was called by the Lord to be a missionary and a special witness of Jesus Christ (see Acts 13:2; 20:24). He spent the rest of his life in missionary service.

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