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Working memory deficits in adults with ADHD: is there evidence for subtype differences? adult working memory

Working memory is essential at school. One study, done in the United Kingdom, looked at 3,000 grade-school and junior high students and found that weak working memory was more indicative of struggles in school than was a low IQ. According to researchers, almost all the children with weak working memory scored low on reading comprehension and Author: Eileen Bailey.

/ How to Improve Your Working Memory; (near adult levels). Mental arithmetic is one of the many applications where working memory is used. It is also utilized in remembering a phone number when you do not have a paper to jot it down, or recalling spoken directions to an unfamiliar place.

Like attention deficits, working memory training does not only impact children. In fact, adults with attention problems began to use the Cogmed training very early on and saw benefits on par with those observed in .

Read on to learn more about working memory and ADHD. Alternative treatments such as improving working memory may help reduce ADD symptoms. Read on to learn more about working memory and ADHD. Menu. Verywell Mind. Improving Your Working Memory When You Have ADD. Adult ADD/ADHD School Parenting.