Use of intra-osseous access in adults: a systematic review - adult intraosseous needles


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These disposable intraosseous infusion needles provide for a safe and simple technique to gain vascular access for delivering fluids and drugs to critically ill or injured children. They feature a sharp lancet point to facilitate entry into the bone and Luer slip/Luer lock connection for secure fit to any syringe.

The 25mm and 45mm needles are specially designed with a beveled drill tip to quickly and easily penetrate through the hard exterior of adult bones, while the 15mm needle permits easy access through the softer bones of pediatric patients.

Apr 01, 2011 · Intraosseous devices for intravascular access can have a marked impact on the successful resuscitation of adult trauma patients. The devices provide a rapid, effective, and safe alternative to both peripheral and central intravenous access.

The Intraosseous Needle Insertion Trainer offers an opportunity to practice IO needle insertion training techniques. Practice inserting the needle through the skin and soft tissue until it rests against the bone. Then learn to gently drill into the bone. This cost-effective training pad .