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Bad Influences on Youth: CQR adult influences on youth

Providing youth with skills for selecting positive adult role models may be an effective strategy for positive youth development and help youth avoid the adverse effects of negative nonparental adult influences they may experience.Cited by: 146.

Youth transitions can include: transitioning from elementary or middle to high school environments, student to employee, foster youth to adult of legal age, resident of juvenile justice facility to reintegrated youth/adult, stable family routine to disrupted living arrangements, and dependence on guardian income to taking on more financial.

Youth Development and Neighborhood Influences: and quality of social networks in economically advantaged or disadvantaged neighborhoods may affect the types of adult interactions that youth experience, which can influence their choice of role models and life course options. In some settings, schools, clubs, churches, sports teams, and other.

The Important Role Non-Parental Adults Have with Youth Learning Leadership. Abstract of studies done on the effects of a young person's behavior and the influence of a "Very Important" non-parental adult (Beam, Chen, & Greenberger, 2002). There have also been studies done on how youth see significant people in their lives (Hendry, Roberts.