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developing an awareness of the effect of multiculturally defined sense of self and of adult education is crucial. Keywords: Multiculturalism, adult education, adult educator, cultural identity, social inclusion 1. Introduction The world today experiences cultural diversity more than yesterday. Within this situation, education is a primary.

This article presents the outcomes of recent research into adult education programs and experiences in the Shire of Campaspe, a region in northern Victoria. Research data of people from diverse cultural backgrounds reveal how individuals can utilize adult education as a space to explore their own social and cultural isolation in a regional context.Cited by: 7.

GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCE AND THE PROBLEM OF IDENTITY IN THE ADULT EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE CLASSROOM John M. Dirkx Abstract Teachers and learners increasingly attribute classroom tensions and conflicts to sharp age such as the workplace and education. While such a blending of different age cohorts can at times.

Jan 31, 2013 · Add as many others as you can think of.Think about the values, beliefs, and norms of behaviour in each of those groups as the culture of the group. Think about the extent to which you have internalized some of these group values and norms. You can see how complex your own cultural identity is.