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Stories by Miss Vicky. M iss Vicky's First Time It's time for our sissy to learn who is really behind his feminization and sissy training. Lucky sissy, two women now control, tease and use his helpless body for their pleasure. they turn him into a Sissy Baby Slave. 17 TV Weekend A phone call from his Mistress starts a man's weekend in.

Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Sissy, Forced regression and feminisation stories. Anna's Stories. My stories generally revolve around Adult Baby and Diaper Lover themes. Some will include males who like being regressed into female babies, the sissies of this world with all their ribbons and frills. Many will involve diaper punishment.

Chelsea liked to be in control, until they came along Jacqueline and daddy go on a picnic. Jacqueline's adventures with daddy continue. Jacqueline has a soaking wet adventure filled weekend. Husband resigns himself to his role. and other exciting erotic at!

Daily Diapers is your Adult Baby, Diaper Lover and Age-Play Playground! While I was interested in bondage, forced feminization and enforced infantilism, I never told a sole. By this time, I was crying when Wendy Told maid to take the Sissy now. We entered the room my mouth dropped at the sight pf the oversized nursery. I tried to run.